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Irrigation Development Division is a multi-district level office under the Department of Irrigation of the Government of Nepal. It is mandated to plan, develop, maintain and manage irrigation systems within the area of its jurisdiction.


• Alleviating extreme poverty from the country
• New plans to expand irrigated lands
• Development plans tailored to the needs of farmers
• Reconstructing defunct plans to develop irrigated lands
• Using the irrigation plans to promote people participation
• Developing plans that bring faster returns
• Increasing the agricultural productivity and production
• Giving priority to programs in areas considered backwards


The government started the small and medium sized irrigation projects since fiscal year 2061/062 to minimize extreme poverty in the country using its own source and resources. This project is under operation to help develop small and medium sized natured projects which are not attractive to donor organizations; expand irrigated areas and reconstruct projects that have halted. The country’s 75 districts come under the area of work. The irrigation division is responsible for the study, construction/reconstruction work for the expansion and development of irrigated land. All the work is operated by the Nepal government using its own sources and resources. Irrigation policy 2071 states that small and medium sized projects consisting of about 10 to 20 hectares in the hills and 100 hectares to 2000 hectares in Terai can be implemented through this project. The government will also renew and improve defunct projects using its own resources and sources.

Video Section of Medium Irrigation Project

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